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Happy 2010

Superstition says that whatever you do on the night of a new decade you’ll be doing for the next ten years. Will I be drinking wine with my midwife and her family playing taboo for the decade? As it turns out New Years is a little less exciting and a little more meaningful with an infant. The partying is done (for a few years anyway) and you’re left to appreciate and enjoy your surroundings.

Well, here’s my 10 for ’10…

*365 photos of Little ‘Ver’s first year.

*Become certified as a doula

*Regain my prebaby size

*Donate breast milk at least once

*No bottled beverages!

*Eliminate dairy and eggs from my diet

*Update once a week

*Only use yarn/fibre from my stash

*Come up with 20 “go to” recipes

*Love more.


And with that I’ll say goodnight and Happy 2010 to you.