30 Weeks 2 Days

Last Thursday my niece (who is two years older than I), her seven month old daughter and I packed up into the car to go to our first La Leche League meeting. In short, it was amazing. J and I have invested so much time and energy into this birth, and seeing this room full of new mothers was a bit of a reality check. Yes, there is indeed life beyond the birth.

There are two meetings offered in my area. One for toddlers and one for infants. We went to the infant one. There weren’t very many people there that day. I’d say there were eight of us, not including babies. There was one other pregnant woman, this would be her second child. I was the only one who had not gone through my “rite of passage.” My niece had the oldest child there. All of the others were still under eight weeks. The room was filled with overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated new mommies.

I received an overwhelming amount of information and met really amazing women. -Most of whom share the same ideas of birthing + parenting. (Yay!)

Next time I’m so bringing a notebook.

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30 Weeks One day

Pregnancy has finally taken its toll on my emotions. Well, judging by the way I cried because my husband gave me a foot rub. …And because I might’ve bitten the head off of a stranger asking for a cigarette. The next ten weeks + postpartum should be mighty interesting.

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29 Weeks 5 Days

Yesterday, upon Jason’s request I ran by the recruiter’s the pick up paperwork for his transfer. Nothing startles a room full of military men quite like a pregnant dread-headed woman with facial piercings and a sleeve tattoo. Thankfully he had called his recruiter prior to my arrival, so he had recognized me and rescued me from the swarm of anxious military personnel.

It should be interesting when we move the a base in the South. Yippee.

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29 Weeks 3 Days

This past week has been amazing. Staying home means that my time and energy gets put into things that are important to me. It’s much more fulfilling than waiting tables. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. A lot. Anywhere from vaccines to raw veganism. I’m also starting to network with other mommies online/in the area (MotheringDotCommunity, La Leche League, Moms Rising, Veg Family).

J’s and my conversations have shifted from pregnancy to parenting. There’s talk of shifting back out of vegetarianism to veganism. We both agree that life is easier as a vegetarian but whenever we eat dairy or eggs we can feel it lugging down our bodies. He’s even talking about shooting for 80% raw. I know we can do it now, but shoot, how much will I be able to manage for the first few months of Little Ver’s existance?

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29 Weeks

The Little Squid is supposed to be gaining approximately half a pound each week from here on out. No wonder I’m starving.

28 Weeks 6 Days

Dear Baby,

I had a dream about you last night. You were born with a full head of hair and had your daddy’s eyes. He thinks you’ll be born October 12th, but he also thought you were a girl. You may stay in there as long as you like, I just ask that you leave my bladder alone when we’re pedaling about.

I love you, Munchkin.


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28 Weeks 5 Days

Guess who has officially made the career change to domestic goddess! Yup, this gal. I’m still in the honeymoon stage. Sleeping in… Doing my round lady yoga… Bringing the dear husband coffee and breakfast in bed… Always being able to eat. Yup, this is the life.

Give it a week.

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