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35 Weeks 1 Day

How is it that I don’t have a “real job” yet I’m always busy? We had the baby shower and scored big. I feel blessed. A little overwhelmed. We have a lot of stuff. A lot. And an already crowded 500 square foot apartment.But we’ve had to buy so little things. I think we’ll have to get some diaper covers, and that’s it.

Physically I think I’m officially in the, “I’m large and in charge and SO over this” stage. He had a growth spurt, putting us from measuring three weeks behind to only one. My back hurts, my rib hurts, none of my clothes are comfortable wa wa wa…  Not to mention our new downstairs neighbors smoke inside so now our apartment smells like cheap cigarettes. Maintenance tried to fix it… Maybe I’ll demand a downstairs unit?

We also lost our health insurance this week. We found this out after we went to pay it. J is between services and we were told that since he is still technically in the NG we’d be fine. Liars. So we either get to cough up an imaginary $500 to get health insurance for October or… We don’t know. Pay for baby out of pocket? I don’t think so!

Isn’t the final stretch supposed to be blissful and relaxing? Grumble grumble grumble.

I know it’s worth it. I’m just ready.


31 Weeks

After several weeks… Maybe a month of severe isolated rib pain I finally went in to get it checked out. Turns out I’m growing a cage fighter. The little shit broke my rib! -And people say vegetarians can’t make strong babies.

29 Weeks 3 Days

This past week has been amazing. Staying home means that my time and energy gets put into things that are important to me. It’s much more fulfilling than waiting tables. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. A lot. Anywhere from vaccines to raw veganism. I’m also starting to network with other mommies online/in the area (MotheringDotCommunity, La Leche League, Moms Rising, Veg Family).

J’s and my conversations have shifted from pregnancy to parenting. There’s talk of shifting back out of vegetarianism to veganism. We both agree that life is easier as a vegetarian but whenever we eat dairy or eggs we can feel it lugging down our bodies. He’s even talking about shooting for 80% raw. I know we can do it now, but shoot, how much will I be able to manage for the first few months of Little Ver’s existance?

Listening to: Jolie Holland’s the Living and the Dead