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Baby’s First Christmas

It was an excellent Christmas. It didn’t feel excessive like previous holidays have. Things were simple, the gifts were small and meaningful, and the conversation was good. My mother and her husband even let us treat them to a home-cooked vegan Christmas dinner.

May you have a wonderful holiday season and even better new year.





It has been awhile, hasn’t it? As you may have guessed we had our little munchkin. We made it all the way to 43 weeks! Yes, you heard it, 43 weeks. Everyone loves a woman at 43 weeks pregnant…

After 46 hours of back labor and 10 minutes of pushing we had our Little ‘Ver. It certainly wasn’t the beautiful water birth we had planned, we wound up being part of the 3% our midwife has to transfer. But, we made it!

Little ‘Ver wound up being posterior at the last minute and wrapped over and over in his umbilical cord, with a true knot. We discovered his heart rate had dropped to 50-60 bpm (instead of 120-160) due to the wrapping of the umbilical cord and the intensity of my contractions. He was being hung by the cord and coming through asynclitic. When he came out the cord tore and he was limp. It was awful, and while 11/11 wound up being the best day of our lives, it was also the worst. We were certain for a moment that my pushing off of a cesarean had killed our child.

After he had been revived and deemed healthy it felt like there was a triumph throughout the hospital staff. Staff members who hadn’t even been part of our birth team came in to congratulate us. It’s amazing how our intimate birth of J, our midwife, and myself turned into a huge room full of  specialists and teams ready to go into action at any moment.

I am thankful. I am thankful for my amazing midwife who never left my side and helped us make wise decisions. I am thankful for the wonderful team of women at the birth center who spoiled me rotten and gave me postpartum care on the house. I am thankful for the multitudes of hospital staff who kept my child safe while honoring my wish for minimal interventions.

Right now we are almost six weeks postpartum, been having problems with heavy bleeding due to a prolapsed uterus. -Always birth your placenta, ladies! ‘Ver is doing great. He’s huge! Born 7 lbs 4 ounces, 22″ long. (Even though the ultrasound guesstimated nearly 10 pounds. Yes, ultrasounds may be off by 2 lbs or so.) He is now nearly double the weight. He is amazing and beautiful and his daddy and I love him very much.

He was very alert from the start, loves to talk, and cuddle with the kitties.

There’s been a lot more happening, but this has been long enough.

33 Weeks 2 Days

We’re hitting the final countdown. I can’t believe how time is flying. Even without work I’m still busy every day. Cleaning, research, creating, groups, not to mention going to lots of shows… I love being the only pregnant lady in clubs. At what point in pregnancy does it become socially unacceptable to boogy on the dancefloor?

Baby ‘Ver is getting big! I’m still measuring behind but the midwife says our little munchkin feels good-sized. Everyone who feels him kick says there’s no way he’ll be in there for the full forty. We’ll see, he just needs to stay in until October 7th.

This weekend is my baby shower. I’ve been oggling baby stuff. It’s finally time I can actually purchase stuff for our new items and get it set up. Yay! Perhaps this cute little book in Hindu dieties?


28 Weeks 6 Days

Dear Baby,

I had a dream about you last night. You were born with a full head of hair and had your daddy’s eyes. He thinks you’ll be born October 12th, but he also thought you were a girl. You may stay in there as long as you like, I just ask that you leave my bladder alone when we’re pedaling about.

I love you, Munchkin.


Listening to: Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait

25 Weeks 6 Days

They came. Finally. -And quickly! The items necessary for my spin to knit blanket. Yet another project to stay busy with!

spindlesLeft: Midi Bosworth 1.4 oz

Right: Cascade Cougar Mountain Drop Spindle .5 oz

Fibre: Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino in YaYa. 1 lb.

Listening to: Ani D’s Dilate


22 Weeks 3 Days.

Forced rest and cutting back work hours has brought back that creative spark in my life. Weird. It’s crazy what extra rest does to you.

After five months my sewing machines, fabrics, yarns, fibres, lenses, waxes, herbs, oils… Well, everything is coming out of hiding. It’s safe to say my apartment is now a disaster and my skills are extremely dusty.

I have three projects I would like to finish before little Ollie gets here:

1. Diaper Covers! (check out diapersewing.com -do it!)

2. Super Cuddly Fleece Baby Blanket

3. J’s and My Afghan

On top of my crafts reclaiming the apartment we’ve begun receiving baby stuff. Some of which I think the girls will have difficulties sharing.